The Fifth Hope Conference

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Last batch of pics from the Fifth HOPE

Here are the last batch of Photos from the Fifth HOPE conf.

cDc pics

Here are some pics from the cDc panel.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Social Engineering panel ends.

The social engineering panel ended not too long ago. It entailed Emmannuel, Chesire Cat, Bernie S, and some guy dressed up as Santa Clause socialing a taco bell into not using the cash register for 5 minutes. They also called up a Blockbuster and socialed personal information. Both of these demonstrating different techniques that could be employed. Also a demonstration of caller id spoofing and a complicated social of a credit card company which had the call being bounced to and fro all over the planet. The coolest panel of the entire conference. Closing ceremonies soon.

I didn't know Jello could talk.

Jello Biafra is speaking right now in section a on the 18th floor. The speech is basically a long winded diatribe against all things not left. Funny moments permeate. I've met several people who avoided the keynote speech. The social engineering panel is next. I can't wait.

Retro Computing.

The retro computing panel is well under way as I'm speaking to you. I'm posting from a public terminal donated by ptc or telerama (I can't tell which. Someone post a correction please) And I half expect this to get hacked. Here at the panel they have already talked about a cloned Apple I mother board, and some proof of concept stuff. If anyone cought the web site for it please post that as well. We are checking out of the hotel room now. Next up is a real world hacking panel.

Last day of HOPE.

Just woke up from another night of debauchery. There's a panel on retro computing, urban exploring, social engineering, Jello Biafra, Chesire Cat's rant session and the closing ceremonies. Sunday apparently is the best day of the con. I won't be able to post any pictures right away but I'll post them all at once at a later date. I will however update to let you know what's going on.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cult of the dead cow and the women of 2600.

Some of us in our ever growing group went and saw The Cult of the Dead Cow's hacktivism panel. No cow heads or naked dancers this year. Damn. Really informative introduction to what hacktivism is and what is going on in china. I just got back from the "Women of 2600" panel in section c (the section set aside for speakers. I got there around the end only to walk in on a guy asking the women a question. "Do you contribute to the hacker community? And if so what?" One of the girls quickly and angrily responded: "Have you?" and stated that she could probably pee just as far as him. Pictures will come as soon as I can find tsunami. THe halfway hacker house is having a party. I haven't decided whether I want to go or not. But I think the others are going to go so hopefully I can get you guys a good post of what it was like.

Woz speaks.

Steve Wozniak just started his Keynote speech. There was so many people there they have a screening of the speech in the mezzanine area as well as where he is speaking on the 18th floor.

Drunken escapades and the hurt the next day.

Yeah... It hurts. Trust me the best thing you all could do when you come to a con is not drink. Avoid it at all costs. You will hurt really bad the next day. The lock picking session is under way. Very imformative. Prior to that, there was a panel on phreaking in the early days with Captain Crunch and Chesire Cat. They played alot of samples of old telephony sounds. Wozniak is giving his keynote speech soon.

Eric's thought's on HOPE

Eric says:

So far things are looking so spectfuckintacular that I want to rock my wood in the backseat of your cargo van. Where else can you find the lead singer of REM's brother homeless and "disheveled" looking like Tomato's smiley cousin from the taco pit. Yum, fruit taco andouille burritos with sweet and sour cream. Hold el colon!

Kepi's thoughts on HOPE.

Kepi Blanc says:

I really really enjoyed teaching and demonstrating lock picking tonight. Apparently, I attracted much interest. A hottie who was proudly showing us her Kevin Mitnick autographed brasseire also drank heavily from my deep cup of lockmithery. I saw an extremely hot Laura Swisher look-a-like at the Kevin Mitnick keynote address. I guess that soon enough, Maxim Magazine will become more associated with HOPE than 2600 currently is.


Parties... Parties... Parties.

So it's pretty early in the morning and as far as I know everyone here aside from the minority is drunk as a skunk. We went to a bar around the corner called Blarney Rock and it seemed like every one who had a panel was there. I gotta picture with Kevin Mitnick but it's pretty dark. The guy was pretty cool he was more then willing to pose for a picture with me.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Hacker Spaces and new friends.

We just got back from the "Building Hacker Spaces" panel with Binary, Count Zero, Freqout, Gweeds, Javaman, Mangala, and Shardy. Very cool panel about how to build your own hacker pad and the problems that you would have if you decide to create one. I'm going to update this entry with pictures as soon as possible. Apparently the Phone Losers of America have a panel going on right now but I'm probably going to miss it. On a side note, Dan and Jimmy showed up from philly. Better late then never. Also Jukashi is that other guy in the web cam pic.

Times Square and Kepi Speaks.

We went out to eat and I decided to be a tourist and snap some photos. After we came back I went upstairs to the mezzanine and found Kepi in the middle of an impromptu lockpicking panel. He had the attention of about 20-30 people and was very informative. Shapeshifter recently finished his awsome panel on disrupting RNC activities which included "suggestions" about how one could make stink bombs, disable bus services, how to identify and disrupt attendees of such events. I also met Gretchen from Scotland. She plays a mean game of Breakout! We also went to a web cam in NYC.