The Fifth Hope Conference

Friday, July 09, 2004

We're here.

We arrived at HOPE around 12pm or so. Sorry I haven't updated, it's just that there has been so much stuff to mess around with. We set up the repeater on frs channel 4 quiet code 20 and advertised it. It seems that people have been using it and the repeater itself seems to have a pretty good range from where we're at in the Hotel Pennsylvania. We have a ton of pictures but I'm going to have to post them tonight before I go to bed. I have given out the password to my fellow attendees so you might see some posts from other people on here. Hopefully, but not likely. There is a "1984" propaganda theme to the entire event which I will demonstrate in the pictures when I post them. Now I'm going to don my arm band which acts as an event pass and go and see tonight's Keynote speaker, Kevin Mitnick


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