The Fifth Hope Conference

Friday, July 09, 2004

Mitnick speaks.

Mitnick just got done with his keynote speech. He spoke alot of his former exploits. His first exploit was a way of fooling the local transit agency by way of fraudulently stamping dumpster dived transfer passes. It was extremely hot and smelled of body odor, as you can expect with thousands of hackers in one location at one point. Mitnick's mother and grandmother were ushered into the crowded room by two security personnel. And Steve Wozniak shoved by us all being pushed back by security stating hurredly that he had a seat reserved for him at the front row. Kepi tried to tell one of the members of TOOOL how much he had influenced him to learn the art of lockpicking, but the TOOOL member stated that it was probably not a good time to talk because Mitnick was speaking. I'm sure Kepi will get his chance later in the conference. Right now though, Kepi is attempting to get his chance to ask Mitnick a question or two.


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